Child Products


Children's Sun Hat

Skin-friendly, breathable cotton plus a large children's sun hat

97.3% UV-blocking

UPF50+ sun protection layer, innovative sun protection technology combined with textile technology, the sun protection layer is integrated on the surface of the cap to protect your baby from burns in the hot sun, effectively protects against 97.3% of UV rays


The 7.5cm hood is large enough to cover many parts of the baby's body, effectively blocking the sun and providing greater protection from the sun Mesh lining, breathable and sweat-absorbent, soft and non-irritating, making baby's head more comfortable and fresh. Multi-adjustable for freedom and comfort, not just for one season.


【Product Specifications】

Material: Polyester

Specification: Single

Suitable for ages: 3-8 years old

Cap brim: approx. 7.5cm

Cap circumference: approx. 50-54cm (adjustable; measuring position: from the root of the forehead hair, to the back of the head 2cm below the point of bulge, around the head a circle, the approximate size)


The size is randomly measured by hand, due to different measurement methods, the size error ±3cm is normal, not a quality problem.



The smell of the new product is normal, please place it in a ventilated place for a few days before using it.

It is normal for the product to have a slight crease after being taken out of the package, it will disappear naturally after being used and placed for a period of time.