Child Products


Four-wheeled Portable baby carriage

With one hand, the trolley can be folded and unfolded with a single toss. The delicate design of the whole structure and the delicate linkage of the movable joints ensure that folding and unfolding is easy and convenient. The smooth and flexible operating experience allows you to unfold the stroller every time you want to see the world with your child.

*One step forward

*. Two-step folding

*One-handed operation


The stroller folds compactly and neatly to the size of a boarding box, so it can easily fit into the boot of a car when travelling, and can also be used to travel on planes and subways.


The spine is protected from scoliosis by the scientific PP material hard backrest. The infinitely adjustable angle of the backrest can be used from birth. The front flap is easy to adjust and comfortable to sit and lie on, so your baby's legs are not suspended when lying down.


Antibacterial seat cushion, no need to remove and wash

The skin-friendly antibacterial seat cushion meets Class A standards and is effective against over 99% of Staphylococcus aureus. The breathable mesh knitted fabric is soft and comfortable, with a special anti-static treatment for added comfort. The entire car is softly woven for easy removal and washing, keeping bacteria and viruses away and giving your baby a clean and healthy "castle" to move around in.


8 bearings + universal front wheels, no matter how hard you push

The dual bearings on the front and rear wheels, together with the 360° universal front wheels, greatly enhance the smoothness and slipperiness of the push. Even on rough terrain, it's the SUV of folding cars. What's the point of using all your strength to walk the kids? Enjoy your journey together with ease.


【Product Specifications】

Age: 0-36 months (maximum weight 15kg)

Frame Material: Plastic Aluminium Alloy

Fabric material: Polyester

Colour: Beige, Orange