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Comfortable Baby Mobile Foldable Bedside Bed

Protect your baby from mosquitoes and sleep well at every night.

Highly textured square design with a quiet double zip that won't disturb resting babies. It's easy to feed, burp, soothe, comfort or even just look at your baby! The spine support mattress is removable and anti-spit-up.


Made from aerospace aluminium, the crib frame is tougher and lighter than ordinary aluminium. It is also odourless and paint-free to protect your newborn's sensitive body and give your baby peace of mind.


The height adjustable design saves mothers' worries. The cot frame can be adjusted to a height of 6 positions and the corners can be folded for a seamless fit. Flexible to match your sofa and bed height.


【Product Specifications】

The mosquito net will automatically pop open when you gently spread it out.

Age: 1-36 months

Cleaning and care options.

Rinse / not machine washable / not to be tumble dried / not to be exposed to direct sunlight / do not use bleach or acidic or alkaline detergents.

To wash: Fold in a tidy manner and hand wash with water or a neutral detergent, then rinse with water, avoid direct sunlight and place in a cool place to dry.

It is recommended that you fold the cloth in a compact manner before washing.