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Silver-haired casual shopping trolley (lightweight)

Older people or those who have suffered waist and knee injuries may need simple assistance when going out, but maybe the crutches or wheelchairs on the market are not what they want; Japan entered the aging society earlier than us. Therefore, there are many things to learn from in the development of various silver hair products. This lightweight stroller, which has been sold in Japan and South Korea for many years, may be a shopping stroller that you have been looking for for a long time, with the characteristics of light weight, convenient carrying, and less space.

The favorite of the silver-haired people when traveling, the lightweight stroller is made of aluminum alloy lightweight design, which is suitable for taking the bus and the MRT. You can put down the seat cushion to rest when you are tired.

This stroller has two braking functions: one is the armrest to suspend braking, and the other is the hand brake on the side of the chair, which can strengthen the wheel to be fixed and not slip when sitting down and resting.


The height of the armrests can be adjusted in three stages, the front wheels are designed to be fixed forward and backward, and the rear side is also thoughtfully designed with an umbrella stand. When not in use, it can be folded and placed to save space, and the trunk can also be retracted when going out, which is light and no burden.

The bag included at the back of the cart can store personal belongings, or it can be removed as a shopping bag and used alone. The material is made of water-repellent cloth of the same grade as Japan and South Korea, which is dirt-resistant and easy to clean.


◆Product specifications:

Unfolded size: about 42cm in width x 56cm in depth x 87-93cm in height

Folded size: about 24cm in depth x 100cm in height

Material: The whole car frame is made of lightweight aluminum alloy

Vehicle weight: about 3.6 KG

Color: Scottish Red Plaid


Small reminder: The maximum load of this product is 80KG, and the safety test has passed. Do not use if the weight exceeds 80KG.